Common causes of stretch marks

Most of us have a preconceived notion in our mind regarding stretch marks. We tend to think that only pregnant women possess stretch marks during and after the pregnancy. Certainly, it is not the truth; however, the fact is that from teenage girls to aged women, everyone tends to have stretch marks on the body. It is not necessarily important that pregnancy is the only major cause of stretch marks because other than pregnancy there are multiple other reasons for the stretch marks. However, if you have stretch marks on your body then, you don’t have to worry because there is nothing abnormal and atypical in having stretch marks because the majority of the women and the teenage girls possess these marks on the body.


If you are in search of a magic wand that can disappear all the stretch marks present on your body then, you are certainly living in a slumber land because it is impossible to disappear the marks; however, it can reduced with the help of some effective creams and treatments. The creams that offer stretch mark removal Dubai are way much expensive but let me tell you that these creams are very effective in reducing the marks. However, the shattering confidence in teenage girls have compelled us to make them aware and informed about the causes and treatment of stretch marks. For this reason, we have compiled some major causes of the evident appearance of the stretch marks on the body.


Weight loss:

Certainly, losing excessive fats and calories is not only good for our physical as well as for our well-being. However, there is a huge difference between losing weight suddenly and shedding pounds slowly and gradually. The sudden weight loss not only brings eminent changes in our body but also tend to cause stretch marks on our body. Therefore, it is important to lose weight gradually instead of rapidly to prevent stretch marks and saggy skin.


Hormonal problems:

Especially in women, the unbalanced hormones in the body are the most common cause of stretch marks on the body. Therefore, the moment you start noticing the stretch marks on the body you must visit the Motor city clinic to know if your hormones are unbalanced. However, the hormonal changes in the body at the time of puberty certainly are the significant cause of stretch marks. Hence, it is not necessarily important that the stretch marks on the body are the outcome of unbalanced hormones.

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