Have the best dining experience in Dubai

Although Dubai is famous for its shopping sprees, festivals, beaches and nightlife, yet, there’s another feature of this amazing city which will impress you like any other deal that it has to offer you. Dubai is the place where you can enjoy a unique dining experience on every single night of your stay and the experience is sure to remain etched in your mind forever. If truth be told, Dubai has some of the finest fine dining restaurants throughout the city but there are a few that offer something out of the ordinary to provide you a chance to make great memories with your friends and family.

Traditional Dhow Cruise Dinner

Fine dining in a traditional Dhow cruise surfing through the famous Dubai creek is an experience that you would not want to miss during your stay in Dubai. Eating a few of the most delicious traditional meals while enjoying live performances and a number of entertainment activities going on around you will surely take all the stress of your journey within no time. While you will be at it, you can also enjoy amazing views of the Dubai old souk and historical Al Shindagha neighborhood at one side and the famous Murshid Bazar of Deira Dubai on the other.

Enjoy food at one of the fancy restaurants next to Dubai Fountains

What can be better than a dining experience right next to the amazing dancing fountains of Dubai? To add some extra spices to your delicious food, there will be the world’s tallest building to accompany you throughout your dinner. A beautifully designed lightshow at Burj Khalifa along with a spectacular fountain dance show will make some amazing memories that will always stay with you.

Hunt for your favorite food type at JBR Walk

Once you will step on the JBR walk in search of your favorite restaurant, it will become hard for you to believe if you are still in Dubai or teleported to a western country. A long array of restaurants and beautiful infrastructure of the JBR Walk will provide you picture perfect moments that you would love to preserve to decorate your walls with.

Taste authentic Arabic food in the middle of the desert

There are a number of tour operators in Dubai that offer Desert safari packages which include mouthwatering dinner deals in them. After taking you for an adventure packed dune surfing, you will be escorted to the dining areas where you won’t be able to resist tasting each and every dish that will be served to you while enjoying professional belly dancing performances.

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